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Magnificent Growth of HighTechEasy Publishing.

HighTechEasy publishing crossed the worldwide sells of fifty thousand books.

HighTechEasy 50000 books sold.

Crossed Milestone of fifty thousand books sells .

Books sold in more than fifty countries: Spreading knowledge across the world.

Spreading worldwide

Spreading knowledge in 50 + countries worldwide

HighTechEasy publishing is growing in very fast rate: Achieved first milestone of fifty thousand books ,now targeting worldwide sells of 1,00,000 Books.

Magnificent success

Magnificent success of HighTechEasy Publishing !

Thanks readers for helping us in spreading knowledge n innovative ways.

–Team HighTechEasy Publishing



Amazing Growth of HighTechEasy Publishing.

HighTechEasy publishing came up with a different vision of making important knowledge in easy format and spreading valuable knowledge across the world.

We are working towards the goal ,putting our efforts to create amazing reading and learning experience.

HighTechEasy publishing is becoming more popular among the readers and enthusiasts people.

We are glad to share our sells and growth report to you as we consider all of you are most important pillars of our success.

Overall Sells Report :

Total 17 thousands books are sold and number is growing day by day..



Worldwide Spreading :

All books of HighTechEasy Publishing is getting tremendous response from word wide.


Reach up to 48 different countries :

Our most world wide successful book “Quick Revision of C programming is reached up to 48 different countries”


Our books are becoming Best National Sellers to International Best selling books.

We all are thankful to all of you for your great Support..

Feel free to provide your feedback and suggestions if any.

Thanking in Advance…

     HighTechEasy Publishing

“Spreading Knowledge Across the world”