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Announcing official Launch of E-book : “Software Testing In Multimedia and Graphics“.

Huge thanks for all readers of HighTechEasy Publications for giving tremendous response for all our books worldwide. We are happy to announce our Brand New Book “Software Testing in Multimedia and Graphics” authored by Mr. Mahesh Jadhav.

HighTechEasy publishing is moving towards transformation of High End Technical knowledge regarding Multimedia, Graphics Software in easy to learn and quick to understand format.

Special features of Software Testing in Multimedia and Graphics book:

  • Book provides an easy and friendly way of learning.
  • Multimedia and Graphics concepts in user friendly way.
  • Explanation of concepts using images and Graphs.
  • Easy to learn and quick to understand.
  • Lots of testing debugging relative topics covered in single book.
  • Point wise study approach.
  • Includes Multimedia Programming concepts and Hardware fundamentals.
  • Covered all latest technological concepts.

Book Cover:

Ebook Software Testing in Multimedia and Testing

Ebook Software Testing in Multimedia and Testing

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Book Content:

  • Introduction of Software Testing
  • Special Types of Testing
  • Software Test Planning
  • Multimedia Fundamental Concepts
  • Multimedia Performance Parameters
  • Graphics Processor Interface
  • DirectX Graphics API
  • OpenGL Graphics API
  • Graphics Hardware Processing Pipeline
  • Graphics Processing Shaders
  • Unified GPU Architecture
  • Mobile multimedia Testing
  • Multimedia Data Flow
  • Multimedia Benchmarking
  • Video Encoder Decoder
  • Multimedia Automation Testing
  • Introduction of shell for automating
  • Python Automation Fundamentals
  • Code Coverage Analysis
  • Windows Debugger
  • Android Debugger
  • Android Systrace Tool
  • JTAG T32 Debugging
  • Future Scope of Multimedia Testing

About The Author:

  • Mr. Mahesh Sambhaji Jadhav
  • Winner of BITS International Global 30 under 30 award.
  • Master of Science in Software Systems, BITS Pilani, India.
  • Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics, Walchand College Sangli, India.
  • Software Multimedia Industry experience of seven years.
  • Inventor of External Graphics solution.
  • Filed four patents in processor technology area.
  • German Language Certified course in Symbiosis Institute, Pune.
  • Certified by World Intellectual Property Organization.
  • Associate Member of All India Institute of Engineers Association.
  • Academic Board member of Electronics Department, Walchand College of Engineering.
  • Author of seven pioneering books.
  • Email ID:

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