Knowledge is property

Announcing official Launch of E-book : “Knowledge is Property : Patent Copyright Trademark“.

First of all HighTechEasy Publications is thankful to all the readers for giving tremendous response to our books. We believe that excellent knowledge across the world can be expressed with simplicity.

We are happy to announce our Book “Knowledge is Property – Patent Copyright Trademark” authored by Mr. Mahesh Jadhav.

In this book we are focusing on awareness to protect our knowledge which is the prime wealth in the world. This book awakes creators for protecting Intellectual Property using patent ,Copyright and Trademark laws.

Special features of  Book:

    • Detailed information about Patents, copyright, trademark in simple to understand
    • Accurate use of pictures, figures and process flow charts to clear the concepts.
    • All the technical and legal information regarding Patent and copyright process filing process.
    • Systematic stepwise guide of 17 steps to become successful scientists.
    • Special Interviews of researchers and legal experts, including their precious guidance.


Knowledge is property

Knowledge is property

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Book Content:

  • 1. Knowledge is property: Intellectual property

    2. Patents, Copyright, Trademark

    3. Copyright Protection: Artist’s Rights

    4. Types of Copyright

    5. Copyright Laws and Regulations

    6. Importance of Trademark : Face of business

    7. Geographical Identification

    8. Research Privacy: Trade Secret

    9. Patents: Protection and conservation of Knowledge

    10. Internals of Patents

    11. Examples of Patents

    12. Industrial Design Protection

    13. File your own patent

    14. Patent filing process

    15. Patent laws and regulations

    16. Classifications of Intellectual property

    17. Guide to become scientist

    18. Expert’s Advice

    19. Fact To review

    20. Tips

    21. Purpose of Intellectual property protection

    22. World Intellectual Property Organization

    23. Important Links

    24. Reference

    25. US and Indian Government forms and fee

    26. Patent for Reference

After publishing book in Marathi language in India, Author received lots of email and responses to translate this book in English for a worldwide audience.

We took this challenge further with HighTechEasy Publications.

About The Author:

  • Mr. Mahesh Sambhaji Jadhav
  • Winner of BITS International Global 30 under 30 award.
  • Master of Science in Software Systems, BITS Pilani, India.
  • Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics, Walchand College Sangli, India.
  • Software Multimedia Industry experience of eight years.
  • Certified in Innovative Product Design and Development from IISC Bangalore, India.
  • Inventor of External Graphics solution.
  • Filed four patents in processor technology area.
  • German Language Certified course in Symbiosis Institute, Pune.
  • Certified by World Intellectual Property Organization.
  • Associate Member of All India Institute of Engineers Association.
  • Academic Board member of Electronics Department, Walchand College of Engineering.
  • Author of seven pioneering books.
  • Email ID:

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Print version of book Gyan Hich Property :Patent Copyright Trademark is now available in market !

Print version of book Gyan Hich Property  :Patent Copyright Trademark is now available in market !

Book is an easy way of learning process  and rules of patents ,copyright and trademarks with stepwise approach.

Book Contains: 

  • Information about Intellectual Property (I.P.)
  • Patent process and laws
  • Copyright types and uses
  • Importance of Trademark and trade secrets.
  • Step wise process to become inventor.
  • Forms and fee of patent and copyright
  • Information and Guidance from experts.

 Image of Full Book Cover:

Gyan hich propert book cover

Gyan hich property book cover


Pune Distributors :

  • Hind Law House ,Appa Balwant chowk ,pune :020-24453920
  • Ajit Book Depot,Near Jogeshwari mandir,pune.020-66034697
  • Ganraj Book Center Budhwar peth,balaji mandir Pune:9637111280
  • Ujjwal Granth bhandar, Appa Balwant chowk ,pune.020-24462268
  • Enbee law Books Agency, Appa Balwant chowk ,pune :020-24458424

Sangli Distributors :

  • Sankpal Book Sellers,kapad peth sangli. 0233 – 2326447
  • Mirji Book Sellers ,Vishrambag,Sangli.
  • Prasad Vitran Granthdalan,saraf kata,Sangli.0233-2621515

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  • Shriratna ,Spurthi Chouk,Sangli.9421126757

 About book:

  • Name: Gyan hich property :patents copyright trademark
  • Publications: HighTechEasy Publishing
  • Author:  Mahesh Sambhaji Jadhav
  • Language : Marathi

Hurry up !!! Limited copies are available !!


Publishing brand new E-book : ज्ञान हीच प्रॉपर्टी : पेटंट्स ,कॉपीराईट ट्रेडमार्क.


First of all thanks everyone for giving huge response for book series from HighTechEasy publishing. We believe that we can transform knowledge across world in easy format and make it available for Marathi audience.

Yes, and Now we are so excited to announce grand launch our next book called as “ज्ञान हीच प्रॉपर्टी :पेटंट्स ,कॉपीराईट ट्रेडमार्क “ (Knowledge is property :Patents, Copyright, Trademark).

From last one year we are working on to make this book happens. Continuous feedback form many readers and increasing demand from audience triggers us to make this book better and better.

We keep our property in lockers but generally ignore to protect our knowledge which is best property. Book aware us regarding our property and ways to protect it using laws and rules.

Patent is essential for all inventors to protect their research, book gives information about types of patent , patent filing process and forms and fee of both Indian and us patent office.

All creative artist and writers should know about copyright rules and laws . Book gives understanding of protecting and empowering artistic people with help of Copyright protection.

For all businessmen their company logo ,name and mark is brand value property. There is need to stand strong against competitions and increase brand value of business. Trademark protection helps businessmen’s make their brand name safe. Local business units also take benefit of geographical product  protection to protect their product uniqueness.

It is very valuable book for students, scientist, artiest, writers, teachers, lawyers, businessmen and those who want to increase their knowledge.

About Knowledge is Property Book:

  • Book is an easy and friendly way of learning process and laws of patents ,copyright and trademarks.
  • Book contains important concepts and rules of filing copyright case , patent application with step wise approach.
  • Book also have interesting section regarding steps to become scientist for young inventors.
  • Everyone can read this book to increase knowledge about patent, copyright and trademark in simple language and become legal expertise to protect Intellectual Property.

Book Cover:

patent covert1.1

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“ ज्ञान हीच प्रॉपर्टी :पेटंट्स ,कॉपीराईट ट्रेडमार्क “

Book Content:

  • ज्ञान हीच प्रॉपर्टी : इंटलँक्चुअल प्रॉपर्टी
  • पेटंट्स, कॉपीराईट, ट्रेडमार्क
  • कॉपीराईट प्रोटेक्शन : कलात्मकतेचा हक्क
  • कॉपीराईटचे प्रकार
  • कॉपीराईट हक्क कायदे व नियमावली
  • ट्रेडमार्कचे महत्व : बिझनेसचा चेहरा
  • प्रोडक्ट्सची भौगोलिक ओळख
  • शोध गुप्तता : ट्रेड सिक्रेट
  • पेटंट्स : ज्ञानाचे संरक्षण आणि संवर्धन
  • पेटंट्सचे अंतरंग
  • पेटंट्चे उदाहरण
  • इंडस्ट्रीयल डिझाईन प्रोटेक्शन
  • आपणच करा पेटंट फाईल
  • पेटंट फाईल करण्याची प्रोसेस
  • पेटंट्सचे कायदे व नियमावली
  • बौद्धिकदृष्ट्या वर्गीकरण
  • मी संशोधक होणारच
  • तज्ञांचा सल्ला
  • वस्तुस्थितीचा आढावा
  • टिप्स
  • इंटलँक्चुअल प्रॉपर्टी संरक्षणाचा उद्देश
  • वल्ड इंटलँक्चुअल प्रॉपर्टी ऑर्गनायझेशन
  • महत्वाच्या लिंक्स
  • संदर्भ
  • फॉर्म व फी यांची महिती

 About The Author:

  • Mahesh Sambhaji Jadhav
  • Master of Science in Software Systems, BITS India.
  • Certified by World Intellectual Property Organization.
  • Inventor of External Graphics solution.
  • Filed four patents in processor technology area.
  • Author of five pioneering books .
  • Email ID:

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